Date: June 14th 2021, 10:00-12:00 CET

Place: Online meeting in Zoom


  1. Welcome, Tor Fridell, Ladok
    1. Opening of Annual Assembly
      • Tor Fridell opened the meeting at 10:02 CET
    2. Election of Chair of the Annual Assembly
      • Fridell suggested Mauritz Danielsson and he was elected
      • Danielsson assumed the position of the chair
    3. Election of Secretary of the Annual Assembly
      • Fridell suggested Jukka Kohtanen and he was elected
    4. Apologies
      • -
    5. Confirmation of quorum
      • The quorum was confirmed
    6. Approval of agenda
      • Agenda was approved
  2. Keynote, Digitally authenticated and machine-readable certificates in Germany, Jörg Rückriemen, Bundesdruckerei

  3. Case study - Use of Elmo to transport recognitions from PIM to the Campus Management Systems, Bettina Bube, University of Göttingen
    • Unified service for student to verify examinations
    • Original achievement identifiers are compared with recognition identifiers in PIM platform
  4. New associate or full members
    • DAAD, German Academic Exchange Service, Germany (Associate member)
    • RECSIE, Research Consortium for the Sustainable Promotion of International Education, Japan, (Associate member)
    • Otentica, the Netherlands, (Associate member)
    • Diplomatic Research and Policy Foundation, North Macedonia, (Associate member)
    • Sphairas, Germany, (Associate member)
    • The Annual assembly acknowledged the new associate members
  5. Executive Committee’s report, Tor Fridell, Ladok, Geir Vangen, Unit
    1. Yearly report 2020.
      • Tor Fridell presented
    2. Year plan 2021.
      • Geir Vangen presented
  6. Questions to the Executive Committee, Tor Fridell, Ladok
    • Discussion:
      • Question about single digital gateway and specifically the second phase and the once only -principle: It has wide effects in EU area. It is mandatory to use from 2023 but is not compatible with current solutions like Emrex. Has this been discussed in Emrex network?
        • It has been discussed in some of the countries and should be also discussed in Emrex user group
        • The vote in the matter in EU level is in June
        • The single digital gateway does not take individual fields like education into question but try to fix everything at once. The technology is old.
        • It would be good if colleagues are aware if things are planned elsewhere in the Commission that disregard achievements already made in our sector.
    • A position paper on the matter will be prepared and sent to appropriate parties to share our views on Emrex viewpoint
  7. Decision to move Emreg into the EWP Registry. Janina Mincer-Daskiewicz, UW
    • When could we move to the new registry and also delete the new EMREG and start using EWP registry?
    • The proposal is to make the changes by the end of the year
    • All countries need to give their response in two weeks when they will be ready for steps 1-4
  8. Acceptance of documents
    1. Yearly report 2020
    2. Yearly plan 2021
    3. The Annual Assembly accepted both of the documents
  9. Other items
    1. The duration of the Vietsch project has been extended until the end of 2021, Jukka Kohtanen, CSC
      1. We can also use the money for labour costs maximum 50% of the 30 000e

        1. Data converter ELMO/EDCI
        2. Communications material
      2. Hopes for being able to do dissemination work next autumn
      3. We have not used any of the money at this point
  10. Meeting close 
    • Meeting was closed at 11:58
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