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To publish an exam, click the tab Publish. After publishing the exam the student can se that the exam exists, and book a slot for the exam. (The student can book a time one month in advance, and only take the exam during the timeslot the exam is open)  


General exam:

  • The link to the exam can be given to the students in e.g. Moodle
  • The students can also search for the exam using the name of the exam or the teacher when logged in to Exam.


Personal exam:

  • Choose the specific student/students for the exam. (the student has to have been logged in at least once before)
  • The software sends out an automatic link via e-mail to the specific student/students. (Note that personal exams are single-use)   

Here you decide on

  • the Exam period (the time period when the students can take the exam)
  • Exam duration.
  • Number of attempts before assessment: Choose 1-5 or infinite.


When the exam has been published the students can see that the exam exists and he/she can book a time for the exam.
(The student can book one month in advance and he/she can take the exam only during the time period when the exam is open.)

Add the link of the General exam and information of its availability e.g. into the course home page Moodle.
The students can also search for the exam when logging into Exam.

If it is a Personal exam the student receives an e-mail with the link.