An electronic exam room is a place where students can take exams written at a computer at times suitable for them. The process requires that the examiner has created the exam and questions in the electronic exam system. The exam situations are automatically recorded for exam supervision. The exam room adds to the flexibility of studies, when students are able to take the exams whenever suitable.

(warning) These instruction are for EXAM 5.0.x 
In addition, institutes can have their own instructions that need to be followed. 

(warning) When using EXAM use Firefox or Chrome, do not use Internet Explorer / Edge. 

How the Exam process goes

The teacher creates a question bank to the system by creating groups of questions. The system then provides each student with a random question from each group of questions. In this way, each student gets a randomized combination of questions. The students can make reservations to the exam room after the teacher has published the exam. 

  1. The teacher creates the exam in the system and activates it
  2. The student registers for the exam in study management system (if connected) AND makes the place reservation in the exam room system
  3. The student and the examiner receive an automatic reservation confirmation email
  4. The student goes to the exam room and takes the exam
  5. When the student submits the exam, the teacher receives an automatic email about the response
  6. The teacher assesses the submission in the system
  7. The student receives an automatic feedback email about the feedback and preliminary grade


The teacher has the opportunity to print out the responses.

Under Reservation on the left bar, the teacher can follow reservations for their exams