This functionality allows you to use optional content in the exam. Optional sections may include different book packages or lecture sections. The student chooses the section(s) during the exam booking and only the questions in the chosen sections are shown to the student during the exam. It is possible to modify your choices before taking the exam.

The Optional section function can be found from the Questions tab in teacher's exam view. By selecting this function, the section is shown to the student as an option, which he/she can choose to take or not to take. The exam may include one or more optional sections.

There can be both optional and compulsory sections in the same exam. If there is no section marked as optional, the exam is a basic exam where all sections are the same for everyone.

Optional sections can be used in both general and personal exams. This is not possible in the maturity tests or exam visit.

How to use Optional section function

  1. Create a new exam and add the basic information of the exam. Write more information about Optional section function to the Instructions visible for the student during the exam booking -window.
  2. Build the content of the exam normally. Create sections and add questions.

  3. Mark the sections that you want to have as optional. NB! If you use optional sections write in "Section description" what is the content of the section. 
  4. If you are using Randomize questions –function, remember to mark that as well.
  5. Publish the exam.

In the student's booking view, the option ”I want to take this section” appears next to the optional section, where the student chooses the sections that she/he wants to take. If all sections are optional, the student must select at least one to be able to reserve time for the exam.

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