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Why design guidelines?

  • familiar look and feel for end users of any Haka protected resource
  • reduced workload for web page authors when designing the login interface
  • better recognition of Haka federation

Haka Login



To be used as the login button to the service. When the user clicks the Haka Login element, (s)he must be directed to a WAYF or an IdP login service of Haka federation.

Alternate format for browsers that cannot display images:alt="[Haka Login]"

Haka Login Icon

If a page contains links to non-Haka protected services as well as Haka protected services, a Haka Login Icon may be placed on the right hand side of a link. This clearly indicates which resources are Haka protected.


Alternate format for browsers that cannot display images:alt="[Haka]"

Make notice

The size or shapes in the logo shall not be changed in any situation.