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Haka is member in eduGAIN service. If your service is registered to national identity federation which is member of either, it may already be accessible to Haka-users. Also, users in national federation which is member of either partner federation, may be able to utilize services that are registered to Haka.


The eduGAIN service is intended to enable the trustworthy exchange of information related to identity, authentication and authorisation between the GÉANT (GN3plus) Partners' federations. The eduGAIN service will deliver this through co-ordinating elements of the federations' technical infrastructure and a policy framework controlling the exchange of this information.  The initial goal is to enable Pan-European Web Single Sign On (Web SSO) to both GÉANT services and to those provided by other communities represented by, or associated with, the GN3plus Partners.

eduGAIN service is opt-in. If the Haka-organization using your service still hasn't opted in to eduGAIN, please encourage your contact person in that organization to contact Haka helpdesk and ask how to opt in to eduGAIN. Also, you can give her/him this link: Liittyminen eduGAIN:iin.

Kalmar Union

The Kalmar e-identity Union was a cross-Nordic authentication system for higher education and research. Kalmar was decomissioned in April 2017.