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JOO students may complete only the courses for which they have been granted a right to study. The decision is in the electronic Joopas system ( Students whose home university does not use the electronic Joopas system receive an email which lists the courses they have been granted.

You can see the course-specific decisions by logging into the Joopas system. Please pay attention to how long the right to study is valid. If you see “granted” next to the course, you have been granted a study right for the course in question. If it says “not granted”, you have not been granted a study right. If the course was not granted, the reason for the decision is mentioned.

The instructions below are intended for students who have been granted a right to study. These instructions become relevant when the study right has been registered in Aalto University’s student register. This is usually done one to two weeks after the decision is made in the Joopas system. You are informed of this in an email.

If you were not granted a right to study for a course you applied for, you can apply again later. You may want to check if the course if offered by the Aalto University’s Open University. Students are charged the Open University course fee, as these studies are not part of the JOO agreement. For more information, please visit the Open University website.

Aalto account and username

You need an Aalto IT account and username to register for courses and exams. Based on your right to study, you have been created a digital identity. The day after your right to study has been registered, you will receive a message informing you how to activate your digital identity and IT account. The message is sent to the email address you have given on the application.

You can use Aalto University’s email and calendar through Webmail ( You can log in with your Aalto username and password. Webmail is Aalto University’s email system that works in the browser.

Contact information of Aalto IT service desks.

Student number and certificate of attendance

You need your Aalto University student number when you register for courses and exams. Your student number at Aalto is not the same as the one in your home university. Some schools give your student number in the email message informing you about your right to study. You can see your student number in Sisu (tab Personal information) when you log in using your Aalto username and password.

If you have not been sent your student number and you are unable to activate your IT account via the electronic system, pick up a certificate of attendance from the Student Services. The certificate shows your study right and student number. You do not need a certificate of attendance, if you already know your student number and do not need the certificate for other purposes.

Access rights

In some of the schools, many of the doors are electronically controlled and locked, especially after office hours. Access through these doors is with a personal keycard. JOO students may be granted a keycard, if it is necessary for carrying out the studies.

At the School of Business the access right and keycard can be applied for from the Facility Services. You will need proof of identity and a certificate of attendance (please see the section Student number and certificate of attendance).

At the School of Art and Design access rights might be needed for using some of the facilities and equipment. The access rights can be applied for by contacting the responsible unit.

At the Schools of Technology JOO students do not generally need specific access rights or keycards. If the need arises, please contact the Student Services of the school in question.

Sisu and registering for courses and exams

JOO students in Aalto University register for courses and retake exams. As a rule, it is done in the Sisu studen information system To be able to register for courses and exams, you need to log in using your Aalto username and password. First create a personal study plan: Courses and retake exams have registration periods, which may vary slightly. Please check Sisu for course-specific information about registering. Some of the courses may have a quota on JOO students and/or may have an exam before the course begins. A right to study does not necessarily guarantee admission to the course.

Course descriptions

Course descriptions show details about learning outcomes and other requirements. They can be found in Sisu: The course description will also have the information about the schedule of the course and the exams.

Please check also the course’s homepage the MyCourses learning environment:

Enrolment for academic year

JOO students do not enrol as attending students for the academic year in Aalto University.

Duration of the study right

A JOO study right is valid for a limited time. Aalto University uses certain principles, based on the amount of ECTS credits granted, when determining the length of the study right. If your home university has approved a shorter period, Aalto University complies with this decision. Students can only participate in those courses which they have a study right for.

Please note that all exams must be completed while your right to study is valid. Once your study right expires, it is not possible to complete any studies. If you wish to continue your JOO studies, you need to apply again within Aalto University’s application periods.

Credit transfer

Students are responsible for transferring the credits they have completed at Aalto University to their home university. The transfer is done by following the instructions of the home university.

An official electronic transcript of records needed for the transfer may be ordered through Sisu. The electronic transcript of records is a PDF document equipped with a digital signature to confirm its authenticity and integrity. Digital signatures are replacing handwritten signatures and stamps. The electronic transcript should be a valid alternative in all situations where signed and stamped paper transcripts are used. If the home university does not accept your digitally signed document, you may request a signed and stamped paper transcript from Student Services. 

Do you also need a certificate stating that the studies completed in Aalto University form a minor or other study module at Aalto University?

In School of Business: please email to request that the courses forming a minor at School of Business would be grouped on your transcript of records. Please attach your Aalto University student number to your message.

In other Aalto Schools: please see the contact information on page Aalto Instructions regarding the host university.

Study counselling

Course-specific study counselling (including exams) is given by the responsible teacher. General information and counselling on JOO studies is given by Student Services. For subject-specific advice, please contact the department in question.

Further information

For more information about JOO studies, please contact the Student Services. Please see the contact information on page Aalto Instructions regarding the host university.

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