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In the humanities and social sciences (Panels 14 and 16-23), Level 2 can also include leading Finnish or Swedish-language publication channels having the widest coverage of the research on Finnish society, culture or history in their field. Due to the lack of citation data, the scientific impact of the domestic publication channels cannot be measured, but Level 2 publication channels need to meet the following criteria:

• The quality assessment of the scientific writings must be in line with the best practices;

• The publication series must be among those that cover the research in the respective discipline – and the book publishers in their main discipline – most comprehensively and be used by the entire national scientific community in that particular discipline;

• The context of the research problems is strongly focused on Finnish society or Finnish or Swedish-speaking culture.

• Publishing in these channels is regarded to be equal merit to publishing in foreign Level 2 channels.

Not all publication channels meeting these criteria are rated as Level 2; Level 2 will only include a selection of the highest-quality and most comprehensive Finnish and Swedish-language publication channels covering disciplines in which the production and publication of new scientific information in the national languages is justified. The chairs of the panels, acting in corpore, are to make a consensus decision on the classification of Finnish and Swedish-language publication channels in Level 2.

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