Detailed plan for EMREX IT Development Finland

The development work will mostly be outsourced. A solution description will be produced for that purpose. Appendix 1: EMREX Description

National Contact Point

In Finland the NCP will most likely be hosted by CSC, inside the CSC network. A stand-alone solution, run on a virtual server. Developed using java.

  • Data sources
    • from where do you get the information about assessments/achievements/courses
      • The information about study records is collected from Virta (National Data Warehouse for Higher Education), the detailed description are in Finnish only, but a good overview can also be gotten from the Swedish terminology found here: VIRTA-termit ruotsiksi
    • how do you plan to collect this information
      • SOAP interface to Virta. The NCP will send a request to Virta for the achievement records for a particular student.
  • What kind of information can be delivered
    • Person (name, language, sex)
    • Study rights
    • Recognition of previous studies
    • Study records (name, type, date, HEI, grade, etc)
    • Note: course descriptions are not included in the data in Virta
  • What kind of log-in solution(s) will be used
    • Haka in the first phase, Vetuma could be supported later
  • What kind of functionality will the student meet in this solution
    • ???

Deployment of Student Mobility Plug-in

In Finland there are several different SIS in use be the HEIs. Each HEI can independently decide what systems it deploys and how they use them. Thus the deployment of the SMPs needs to be agreed separately with each HEI. Due to resource and time constraints, it is unlikely that the HEIs will be able to integrate the SMP into their own systems before the field trial starts. Instead a phased approach is needed. That is, in the first phase connection from the SIS to a stand-alone SMP will be done using a straightforward weblink. The SIS would just include the user ID in that link. After the session is ended, the SMP would return to the SIS either a .pdf file or save the data in a separate table in the SIS.

(note: just a suggestion at this stage, this might change when the planning proceeds)

  • Application(s) where the plug-in will be deployed
    • Not decided yet, hopefully 2-4 SIS will be involved
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