Detailed plan for EMREX IT Development Italy

National Contact Point

There will be one NCP for Italy and it will be hosted by Kion, inside the Kion network. It will be developed using java.

  • Data sources
    • from where do you get the information about assessments/achievements/courses
      • In Italy there isn't a national service for student assessment, we will gather study records from each HEIs letting the student logging in the local SIS (the greater part of the HEIs use our SIS "ESSE3" ).The information about study records are avalaible in italian and in english.
    • how do you plan to collect this information
      • The NCP will forward the student to the selected HEI, the student will login in a specific page and he will use it to retrieve and import study records.
  • What kind of information can be delivered
    • Person (name, language, sex)
    • Study rights
    • Recognition of previous studies
    • Study records (name, type, date, HEI, grade, etc)
  • What kind of log-in solution(s) will be used
    • In Italy there isn't a national service for student assessment, the student will have to login in the selected HEI to retrieve the study records.
  • What kind of functionality will the student meet in this solution
    • As for now, the student will be able to retrieve only the study records.

Deployment of Student Mobility Plug-in

As said before, the SIS developed by Kion is used by the greater part of italian HEIs, so we will develop the SMP and initially deploy as a plugin of ESSE3.

It will be released as a new module in one of the future versions of ESSE3, initially only for the HEIs selected for the trials.

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