Detailed plan for EMREX IT Development Norway

National Contact Point

  • Data sources
    • from where do you get the information about assessments/achievements/courses
    • how do you plan to collect this information
  • What kind of information can be delivered
  • What kind of log-in solution(s) will be used
  • What kind of functionality will the student meet in this solution

Description of solution

In Norway, we have another project - Diploma Registry (Vitnemålsbank). This is a service for every citizen in Norway (+ foreigners who have a Norwegian social security number, SSN), where they can get results from any level of their education. In short, this service connects to the systems at the educational institutions as the student (result owner) logs in. The result owner can then share these results, e.g. with a company. This project is in its early phases at the moment.

We are looking into the possibility that the Diploma Registry can become a National Contact Point.

The NCP will ask FS for result information as the student logs into the service. Authentication will be done using ID-porten, a Norwegian service that connects a number of ID providers. The ID provider will return the students SSN, which is also one of the identifiers in FS.

The data from FS is gathered through a national web service that has access to every FS-database. It can either ask one FS-database directly or it can ask every FS-database and gather the results where there are any. The same web service can also be used for storing data. It interprets ELMO-data, creates records that FS is familiar with, and inserts them into the correct database. In order to find the correct database to insert records, the web service call contains the unique national identifier of the HEI. The webservice is not accessible for any external users and will only be used by our own services.

Information the NCP in Norway can extract from FS

Here we present a list of information we believe is relevant for EMREX that can be delivered by FS.
FS covers all government funded HEIs in Norway and a number of private HEIs, covering approx. 95% of all students.

Institution information

  • Identification (a national identification for HEIs)
  • Name
  • Url
  • Description

Student information

  • Identification (Social security number)
  • Identification (Student identity number)
  • Name (family and given)
  • Date of birth
  • Sex

Assessments (Assessments are achieved qualifications and results for course modules for each student. This is the information that is part of a Diploma, Diploma Supplement and Transcript of Records. All these documents are produced by FS.)

  • Code
  • Name (Norwegian and English)
  • Title of thesis
  • Description
  • Type (Module / Degree)
  • Time (Start + duration)
  • Result
  • Credits (local units, ECTS)
  • Level (local units, national unit, cycle)
  • Subject area
  • Result distribution
  • Connection between achieved qualification and the course modules this consists of
  • An achieved qualification can in addition to course modules also contain prior learning and work experience. This information is also included in FS.

For Diploma Supplement: Information for all sections.

Information about programs and course modules
For each study program and course module, FS is prepared for storing description of these learning opportunities. The descriptions are arranged in categories, and it’s possible to mark the categories for different areas of usage. Export of data together with results (like we do in EMREX) could be such an area.
A number of HEIs have been storing these descriptions in FS for a number of years, and are ready to deliver these data.

Time plan for building the solution



November 2015: Ready for pilot

Deployment of Student Mobility Plug-in

  • Application(s) where the plug-in will be deployed
  • Overall description of this application
  • How will the plug-in be deployed - functionally
  • How will this be done technically


Priority 1: Studentweb (applications for recognition of external studies)

Studentweb is a self service application where students can administer their studies at an HEI in Norway. Studentweb is a product delivered by FS, and FS is the data provider/storage for most of the data involved.

For EMREX: Students can use Studentweb to apply for recognition of external studies. In this process, we want to offer the possibility to upload external assessments to FS using EMREX.

Technical solution

Studentweb is a Java EE6 application using JSF and JS, as well as in-house developed components. It is easy for Studentweb to use an independent plugin such as SMP, one example is the authentication plugin we developed, which is now used by a few of our applications. The idea is to use Studentweb as an outer shell while actually developing SMP.

Time plan for deployment

November 2015: Ready for pilot

Priority 2: Søknadsweb (applications for study (masters, phd etc))

Søknadsweb is a self service application where people can apply for studies at an HEI in Norway. The solution is provided for studies that are not covered by the national admission system. Søknadsweb is a product delivered by FS, and FS is the data provider/storage for most of the data involved.

For EMREX: Applicants can use Søknadsweb to apply for studies. In this process, we want to offer the possibility to upload external assessments to FS using EMREX.

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