Detailed plan for EMREX IT Development Sweden

National Contact Point

The NCP will be hosted at a single location, covering all of Sweden's higher education institutions. The NCP will handle student login through the SWAMID federation. The SWAMID identity will retrieve the students SSN which will be used to identify the student. 

The solution will depend on the national LadokPing system, which is a distributed application that fetches information from all institutions. The EMREX student front-end will be tailored for this specific use case. 

Please note that the Swedish NCP will only respond with information, the students will not be able to import information from other countries. 

  • What kind of information can be delivered NOTE: This list is work in progress!
Student informationEngelska
 Family name
 Given name
 Date of birth/Civic registration number:
(IE student ID, usually made up by a student’s date of birth and four extra digits. Foreign students gets temporary numbers, usually following the general rule of date of birth but the last four chars starts with T or P 540610-P135)
 Address (registered in the Swedish Population Register) if awaliable; 
 Temporary address (information given by the student)
Programme(if admitted and registered) 
 Name (in original language)  of institution administering studies:
 Name (in English) of institution administering studies:
 Programme code
 Name(in original language)
 Official length of programme:
 Courses the student currently are registered to within the programme
Courses (if admitted and registered) 
 Name (in original language) of institution administering studies:
 Name (in English) of institution administering studies:
 Course Code
 Name(in original language)
 Name (Official translation)
 Main field(s) of study
 Programme Direction
 Registration semester/s
 module code
 module name
 transferred module name in original language
 transferred module name in english
 - module grade
 -grading date module
 - module grading scale
 Full-time equivalent
 Grading Date
 grading system code
 Grading System
 Grading system (original language)
 Transferred Credits sum
Transferred Courses 
 Name (in original language) institution administering studies:
 Name (in English)  of institution administering studies:
 Name(in original language) /specification
 Name programme
 Name programme eng
 Transferred original studies/courses
 Visiting HEI
 Decision date
Exchange studies(if admitted and registered) 
 Exchange Code
 Exchange Programme Name (in original language)
 Name (in original language)of institution administering studies:
 Name (in English) of institution administering studies:
 Visiting HEI
 Admission semester
 Starting week
 Ending week
 Programme(in original language)
 Direction(in original language)
 Degree code
 Date of issue
 Date of completion
 Programme Direction
 Name of qualification and (if applicable) title conferred (in original language)
 Name of qualification and (if applicable) title conferred in official translation to English:
 Direction of qualification
 Main field(s) of study for the qualification:
 Name (in original language) of awarding institution:
 Name (in English) of awarding institution:
 Official length of programme:
 Joint degree
 Courses included

Deployment of Student Mobility Plug-in

The plug-in will be deployed together with LadokPing. 

  • Overall description of this application
  • How will the plug-in be deployed - functionally
  • How will this be done technically
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