The course feedback system is part of Peppi (Peppi plugin). This means that the system is fully Peppi integrated, and it collects all the data it needs from Peppi. The feedback system works based on Peppi's course registrations and automatically creates continuous and final feedback questionnaires for all the courses. 

You can access the front page of the course feedback system (the main view) from the FEEDBACK icon (speech bubble) in the top menu of your Peppi desktop. You will only see feedback questionnaires for the courses for which you have registered and in which an active feedback function is in progress. On Peppi's desktop you will see a list of feedback questionnaires that are soon about to expire.

Guidelines and Principles

In addition to these instructions, please also read the Guidelines and Principles. You can find answers, among others, to the following questions from the guidelines and principles: 

  • Why giving course feedback is important? - What is the course feedback used for? 
  • Is the feedback I give anonymous? 
  • Who can see the feedback I have given?

The most important tasks of the student in the course feedback system

  1. To give feedback
  2. Reading the summary report of final feedback's responses. Please, note that accessing the summary report is only possible if you have given feedback yourself and at least three (3) responses have been given in total.
  3. Reading the counter-feedback (teacher's response for the students). This applies only to the final feedback.

Questionnaire types

Course feedback consists of three different types of questionnaires which are continuous feedback, mid-term feedback and final feedback. You can give continuous feedback throughout the course as many times as you want. Continuous feedback questionnaires are automatically created for each course. If you suspend a course for any reason you can give feedback on it with continuous feedback. You can for example explain the reasons for suspending the course. The teacher may ask you to give mid-term feedback for example in the middle of the course by creating a mid-term feedback questionnaire. Final feedback is automatically collected from all the courses. The final feedback questionnaire consists of 14 general mandatory questions and possible teacher's additional questions.

Language selection and browsers

The feedback system works in the same language you use Peppi. You can change the language selection in Peppi. You can use the feedback system with the following browsers: Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Edge. You can also use the feedback system on your mobile.

Privacy statement

Please see Data privacy notice of the University of Oulu. On the site, you will find more detailed descriptions on what kind of a data is being processed and by what lawful basis it is done. You will also find descriptions of the rights of the registered and other information concerning each listed topic. From the Guidelines and Principles you will see who will have access to the feedback you have given. 

In case of technical problems

  • Always read the instructions on this site first. 
  • If the feedback system is not working the way it should be do as follows: 
    • sign out from Peppi, close the browser and sign in again
    • check the Internet connection and VPN connection
    • try submitting the feedback with another browser
    • clear browser history and try again
  • If none of the above mentioned actions do not help, please report the error to  
  • If you do not see the course in the feedback system that you should, the most likely reason is that you have not registered for the course in Peppi.
  • If the feedback you are looking for does not appear below the selected study right, you can change the study right by selecting your name in the upper right corner of the page and clicking on another study right. The view is updated according to the selected study right.
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