Viewing study records while my study right is active

You can view your completed credits on Transcript of study records -page. (Picture 1) If you can not find the right study records, change the study right that you are operating in Peppi. Read instructions about choosing the study right that you are viewing here.

You can choose which information is to be shown in the columns. (Picture 2)

You can print an unofficial transcript of records by clicking Download transcript (PDF). (Picture 2)

Downloading official transcript of records while my study right is active

If you need an official, signed version of the transcript of records, you can download one free of charge in ATOMI-service. Read ATOMI-service instructions here.

Ordering transcript of records after my study right has ended

After four weeks since your study right ends, you no longer have access to Peppi system. This means that you can no longer download official or unofficial transcript of records from Peppi yourself.

After your study right has ended you can download your credit information from Opintopolku-service (only available in Finnish). You can also order official transcript of records from your Faculty's Academic Affairs. Read more about ordering transcript of records on your Faculty's Certificate copy fee -page in EduStore. 

Average grade of a study module

A study module means for example basic studies or advanced studies of your main subject. You can see the average grade of your study module from your transcript of records (Picture 3).

Note! Currently in Peppi system, the average grade of assessed study module does not update correctly after you have increased your grade (e.g. retaken an exam and received a better grade). If you have completed all the studies included in the study module, the average grade does not update correctly after getting a better grade in a course. Please contact your faculty’s Academic Affairs Service Team to correct the average grade.

Picture 1: Transcript of study records

Picture 2: Columns and download PDF

Picture 3: Average grade in transcript of records

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