PSP- instructions on how to add personal study unit and get it approved

  • Field -specific studies are planned in advance together with the principal supervisor as personal study units in the personal study plan (PSP) (instruction, please see below).
  • Field specific course completed elsewhere, scientific meeting, research visit or teaching task are added to PSP as personal study units.

Instructions to add a personal study unit

  • Go to interleaf Selecting studies. (Picture 1)
  • To plan or add study attainment of course completed elsewhere, scientific meeting, research visit or teaching task, click the plus-sign in the blue bar of Optional field-specific studies.
  • Window Personal course opens. Fill in
    1. the name both in Finnish and English boxes (e.g. Tieteellinen kokous: EMBO conference 2020 / Scientific meeting: EMBO conference 2020)
    2. the number of credits ( for example 2 credits)
    3. the description details of the study attainment in both boxes Finnish and English. For example: “Tieteellinen kokous: EMBO conference 2020, Lontoo, UK ,16.-18.2020, posteri- ja suullinen esitys / Scientific meeting: EMBO conference 2020, London, UK, 16-17.8.2020, poster presentation and oral presentation.”
  • Click Save.
  • Ask your principal supervisor to report his/her acceptance and confirm the number of ECTS to Academic Services which will approve the planned study unit.

Picture 1: Selecting studies

Picture 2: Click the plus-mark on Optional field-specific studies

Picture 3: Personal course window

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