General introduction on Students' Desktop:

Introduction to Students' desktop.mp4

Welcome to Peppi’s Students’ desktop. This video is an overview of the desktop. The video shows the lower part of the Students’ desktop with buttons for Personal study plan (PSP), My progress, Transcript of study records, Course feedback, Study guide, reservations, contracts, and Recognition of learning.

You can access Peppi from the University’s For students -website. The video shows the University of Oulu's website for students (link). Scrolling down on the page, you can select Peppi under the Tools and services subheading. This takes you to Peppi’s login page. On the login page, you can see current information on Peppi. From the “Log in to Peppi” button on the page, you can log in using the long format of the username (

The front page of Peppi's Students’ desktop opens after logging in. If needed, the links on the front page can be used to open instructions, the Study guide and the University's website for students. The video shows opening the instructions for Student's desktop on Eduuni wiki (link). The information and functions on the desktop depend on the chosen study right. You can have multiple study rights. The video shows how changing the study right changes the view and information on the desktop. The selection of study right is made by pressing your own name located in the upper right corner of the desktop and selecting the desired study right from the menu that opens below. The menu lists all your study rights and a number, which is the study right number for that study right. When you change the study right, the view on the desktop changes e.g. in terms of information of the study right, course feedback and accomplishments.

You can view and edit your information in settings. You can access the settings from the same menu as the study right selection. The Settings key is at the bottom of the menu that opens by pressing your name. The video shows when the settings and the user's personal information is opened.

You can change the study right also in the settings from a drop-down menu on the right side of the page. The drop-down menu opens a list of all your study rights. Each study right has a separate study right number.

The study right number can be found in the settings on the Study rights tab. The video shows how the study right number changes depending on the chosen right.

In the settings, you can view e.g. information on studies, attendance and personal details within the chosen study right. This information can be found in the tabs on the right side of the page.

You can edit your contact information in the Contact information tab of the settings. The video shows how the information is edited by selecting the Edit contact information key and selecting Save.

The video takes you back to the front page of the desktop by using the student desktop key that opens from the icon in the upper left corner of the page. From the frontpage tabs, which are located at the top of the front page on the left, you can access, for example, the PSP, the Recognition of Learning function and Atomi.

The video shows how a menu opens under the PSP tab. These tabs can also be accessed in the PSP. On the PSP page, you can, among other things, enroll to implementations and exams, plan studies and submit the PSP for approval to your tutor teacher.

In Atomi you can download official documents, such as a transcript of records and a study certificate. On the Graduation tab, you can submit a graduation application and on the exams tab, you can register for exams that do not directly appear in the PSP.

On the front page of the Students’ desktop you can find a compilation of the information and studies of the chosen study right, open course feedback and your latest messages. The video shows the desktop’s frontpage.

If you need help using Peppi, please contact your faculty’s Academic Affairs Service Teams.









The video ends.

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