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Service contains risks and is suitable for some use cases. (Read more)

Service is not suitable for all use cases. Services may also collect and/or disclose information to third parties such as advertisers and business partners. Service provider may also unilaterally change the licensing, terms of usage or privacy settings. For example grading information and evaluation, research plans, development information, personal information (PII), financial information (e.g. business or other IPR) and information containing archiving responsibilities are not suitable for level C services. University's has no ability or legal mandate to manage the stored information in case of any problem situations. Such cases can be for example employers death or service provider's bankruptcy. Service provider can unilaterally change terms of service and privacy.

NB! Classifications in Cloud Guide pages concern only so-called consumer services, cloud services personally adopted by the user. The services adopted by the University (possibly with a separate agreement) may have different implementation and terms of use.



Evernote is a web service, designed for notetaking. A "note" can be a piece of formatted text, a photograph, a voice memo, or a handwritten "ink" note. Notes can also have file attachments.

A normal username is a without payment "Free" account with limited user rights and a limited (e.g., 60 MB) memory space.

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Evaluation (13.09.2017)

(plus)quite widely used
(plus)Evernote data is private by default and own by author
(minus)privacy and data protection changes are informed only on the web
(minus)collection of user data

Evernote account

To use it requires a registration.

FAQ, community (direct support only for business customers)

Evernote Corporation, USA

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