Level C

Service use brings significant risks related to information ownership, privacy or security. (Read more)

Not in EU area

The service if produced entirely or partly outside EU/ETA area. The customer is responsible for fulfilment of european data privacy and information security requirements. (Read more)

Facebook Messenger


Messaging service for instant messaging and picture, voice & file transfer.

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Evaluation (22 Dec 2020)

(plus) Free instant messages, calls and videocalls

(plus) Easy to use, supports multiple platforms

(plus) supports two-factor authentication

(minus) Usage data is shared with Facebook corp. other companies (Whatsapp, Instagram)

Monetization model

  • Advertising. Service collects usage and user data for advertisements targetting.


  • Facebook account.

Information security and privacy

  • Data in Facebook Ireland datacenters is transferred and processed in EU/ETA-area.

Data transfer from EU/ETA district to USA or other countries is based on standard contractual clauses.


  • In EU/ETA district Facebook Ireland Limited.

Similar services

  • Whatsapp, iMessage,  Hangouts
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