Recommended, widely used service in Finnish Universities. (Read more)

 The service is produced entirely in EU or ETA area. There are now special requirements for processing of personal information. (Read more)


NOTE! Service is not available anymore.

Foodle is a service for simple surveys or polls and for scheduling meetings.

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Terms of Service:

Privacy Policy:

 Ethical norms

Valuation (4.1.2014)

Service is provided by UNINETT Group which is owned by Norway’s ministry of education. In Finland most proximally equivalent service is provided by CSC.

Service requires logging which can be done through Kalmari Union. Many higher education institutions utilizes Kalmari Union which means that particular institutions account can be used for log in to Foodle. There is also a possibility to register as an OpenID user.

Calendar information can be seen and updated at workstation or through smartphone. Calendar invitation of Outlook can be send also to users outside Outlook.

Service gathers quite little information about the user and that information is not given to third parties.

Terms of service does not inform directly about the ownership of the material. Service does not accept any attachments just some pictures. Terms of service and privacy policy are quite skimpy.

Service requires user to commit its ethical norms.

+ Gathered information is very minimal
+ Non- commercial revenue model
+ Federal logging system

- Terms of service and directions are quite skimpy
- Some material not available in native language (multilingual documents and user interfaces)


Kalmarin Unioni


Through general mailing list or emailing to administration



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