Service contains risks and is suitable for some use cases. (Read more)

 The service is produced entirely in EU or ETA area. There are now special requirements for processing of personal information. (Read more)


Periscope Real Time video streming service is owned by Twitter.  You can use it by Mobile phone of GoPro camera for example.

 Video streams can be linked to Twitter tweets . Live steams can be found here: You can comment Video streams too. Periscope represents Social Video sharing and you can give hearts to streams instead of thumb ups. Free to use with private purposes.

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Evaluation (31 Aug 2017)

  • Profile data is public (minus)
  • Video streams are public by default (plus) (minus)
  • Periscope infer your location based on information from your device. (minus) (plus)
  • Periscope allows to search Video streams in nearhood. (plus)
  • Comments can be disabled. (plus).
  • Video streams can be shared to "invite only" watchers. (plus)
  • Public Videos can be watched without loggin in (plus)


  • Phone number or Twitter login are used to Log in.


  • Periscope earns profit via Advertising Sales and Investors.


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