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Second Life is an online virtual world. Second Life has also been applied to education in the form of online campuses and lectures.

Users can create an avatar with which they can explore the world and interact with other users.

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Terms of Service:

Privacy Policy:

Evaluation (19 February 2014)

Second Life is an online multiplayer virtual world where users can chat and interact with each other. The service uses an online currency by the name of Linden Dollars, which the user can buy with real money. The virtual world has become popular in work life and education, with companies and universities having their own “islands” in the service.

+ Promise to notify of changes through websites, e-mail or mail.

- If the user takes part in a contest, Linden Labs receives a very vast license to uploaded content.
- Other users receive limited licenses to material that has been uploaded to the public areas of the gaming world.
- Does not accept returns or provide refunds of any amounts paid for products or service.


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