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Service contains risks and is suitable for some use cases. (Read more)

The service if produced entirely or partly outside EU/ETA area. The customer is responsible for fulfilment of european data privacy and information security requirements. (Read more)


Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging service for mobiles and desktops (messages, phone calls, video calls, team communication). Telegram app works on Android, iOS, Mac, Linux and windows operating systems. 

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Evaluation (13 Oct 2020)

  • (plus) End to End ecryption is possible (Secret Chat)
  • (plus) The Self-Destruct Timer is available for all messages in Secret Chats or any messages you sent or received can be deleted in any one-on-one conversation, messages are deleted from both participants (but not in Group Chat)
  • (plus) Versatile; Group discussions,Bots, Channels, Multimedia, File Transfer up to 2 GB
  • (plus) Open (mainly) Source (at least APIs)
  • (plus) Auditing possilbe for Third Party
  • (plus) Good documentation (esp. for Security Features)
  • (plus) Compatible with other messaging apps, for example Slack and Irc
  • (plus) Account can be removed by user (all data will be removed)
  • (plus) Unused account will be deleted after 6 months after last login, all data will be removed
  • (plus) Two-step authentication possible
  • (plus) No advertisements
  • (minus) Data is stored to Cloud (for EU/ETA users the service is in the Netherlands
  • (minus) Phone app is mandatory to install (Utilises mobile phone contacts although desktop or browser used)
  • (minus) Encryption is not on by default
  • (minus) Uses own encryption protocol MTProto Mobile Protocol (which is well descripted (plus)) but only some of Telegam´s clients uses it
  • (minus) Terms of Service inadequate


  • Logging is done by full (international) phone number and password while installing Telegam Client. Account is verified by SMS.
  • Two-step authentication can be switched on in settings (password + SMS)



  • Telegram Org (Pavel and Nikolai Durov).


  • Pavel Durov is financing Telegram for ideological reasons.

Similar services

  • Signal, WhatsApp