Service use brings significant risks related to information ownership, privacy or security. (Read more)

The service if produced entirely or partly outside EU/ETA area. The customer is responsible for fulfilment of european data privacy and information security requirements. (Read more)

Trello is a Kanban-based task management tool

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Evaluation 9.10.2020

(plus) The service provider is an established company with multiple products and services

(plus) User's data is exportable in machine readable format

(plus) Self-activated profile removal is possible, data will be removed within 30 (service) or 90 (backups) days 

(plus) Publicly described security measures are appropriate considering the types of data processed in the service

(plus) The service is available in broad array of languages (24), of nordic languages finnish, swedish and norwegian are available.

(minus) The service provider processes all data outside EU/EEA, mainly in United States

(minus) Personally identifiable data is shared among subsidiaries, service providers and subcontractors outside EU/EEA (see

(minus)(minus) EU-USA -transfers of personally identifiable data are based on Privacy Shield

(minus)(minus) Terms of use require that a user registering an account has the right to legally enter a binding contract on behalf of the organization which owns or controls the domain of the email address used in the registration process. The terms also grant the owner of the domain to take control of the accounts registered to addresses in that domain.


  • Login is either with service's own account or by Google-, Microsoft- and Apple -accounts
  • Use of multi-factor authentication is possible when using external identification services

Monetisation model

  • The sevices's commercial model is Freemium, the free basic service has limited features 


  • Service's support instructions are extensive, available only in english
  • Support is available both from user community and the service provider


Similar services

  • Asana, Wrike, Meistertask, Planner (Office365)