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The CompLeap team wishes to actively engage with partners and stakeholders in workshops, webinars and seminars. The prototypes being developed will be frequently user tested and validated in these events. Joint us in our events below to learn more and engage in joint planning and prototyping! 


CompLeap Monthly Webinars


Demos for the prototype development


Based on the needs identified in the April Stakeholder seminar, we are creating the first mock-up prototypes for user testing and validation. The mock-ups concentrate especially on competence mapping. They will be tested with potential users in late May and early June, after which further specifications will be made to the user scenarios.

User testing and reference group validation will be done throughout the course of the project.

You can join our webinars and sessions by accessing

You can follow CompLeap activities also on our webpage

Participant data:

Name of the eventTopicn:o of participants
June 19th 2018CompLeap introduction30 online
September 6th 2018CompLeap introduction to our digital tool32 online
October 10th 2018CompLeap workshop on service development at EDUFI18 in situ
October 16th 2018Learning analytics by Egle Gendrimiene and Compleap architecture24 online
November 20th 2018Prototype Definition session - N:O 1. Topic soft skills.17 online
November 28th 2018Open Badges by Sanna Brauer and Erik Van den Broek16 online
December 4th 2018CompLeap Mid-term seminar at EDUFI41 in situ and 18 online
December 5th 2018Prototype Definition session - N:O 2. Topic Open Badges ans Scouts Finland16 online
December 19th 2018Agile service development15 online
January 16th 2019Linkage with Koski degree data with CompLeap project14 online
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