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In the CompLeap project we are producing testable prototypes, which are linked to the framework architecture developed in WP2.

The three prototypes planned in Annex 1 are embedded in the Learner Plan prototype and its three modules:

  • Module 1: Local study record service integration (past)
  • Module 2: Competence profile with current competencies (present)
  • Modele 3: Suggestions for educational opportunities (future)

Also, a separate analytics prototype (Deliverable 28 Pilot deployment of analytics prototype) is developed and will be deployed in conjunction to the deployment of the prototypes above. With analytics the principal focus is on personalization and advising. 

The CompLeap prototypes are developed in four phases

  1. Mapping architecture – initial mapping of current service framework
  2. Mock up prototype – visual screenshots of the modules for testing a concept 
  3. HTML prototype – more functionalities than a mock-up proto showcasing full framework
  4. Beta-pilot – final prototype proving certain functionalities of the planned framework  


A HTML-prototype has been developed to exemplify the user flow. The prototype will be finalised by the end of January. (still a draft)

In preparation for the html prototypes, two separate Invision mock-up prototypes we developed in 2018 for user testing and validation:

  2. (selected for further development)

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