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Up-coming communication actions and dissemination events*:

Time-lineActionPurpose/ContentResponsibleStatus and remarks
During the projectSocial media: Twitter and LinkedInTo inform and promote interested partiesAll partnersOnly in English #Compleap, #skills #competences #lifelonglearning
<Month> 2019 Create proposal for congress presentation <please add more information><?> To apply to be a presenter on a congress (introduction of Compleap) 
AprilVideo about the framework architecture

to illustrate the role of the architecture; how it helps to overcome silos and build a truly digital & human-centred society

Ari, Antti, Topias, Anu + DUOin progress
AprilBlog on the frameworkPost on website, distribute via channels (Twitter, partner organization newsletters etc)Ari

in progress

AprilContent for end-user flyer More on prototypes?Edufi

Past actions:

Time lineActionPurpose/ContentActorStatus and remarks
... next completed actions here

MarchCreate standard presentation for end-users, policy-makers and associate partners To inform and promote interested partiesDUOaccomplished
March 20Article in TIEKE magazine (TIEKE is a Finnish development centre for information society.)Article (pdf/word) in Finnish, builds upon Antti´s presentation at TIEKE seminar.CSCAP: translation into EN and to the web page?
March 8Presentation at TIEKE seminar to promote Compleap. See recording in Youtube.Anttiaccomplished
March 14

Promotional video is ready

Youtube, to inform and promote CompLeap for interested parties


To be added to the web page soon! - Done!

March 1Article in career counselors´ magazine vol. 2/2019 (Finn. Opinto-ohjaajalehti)Article (pdf) in Finnish based on the experiences at the fair, Åpopäivät, in TurkuAntti, Anu, Kiira

Publishing info

AP: translation into EN and to the web page?

February 28Blog text

"Compleap prototypes - what are we developing and how?"

to introduce the schedule and goal of prototype development

Kiiraweb page (articles) + tweet
February 6Blog text"EU-hankkeessa kehitetään digitaalisia ratkaisuja tukemaan yksilöiden jatkuvaa oppimista" (in Finnish on CSC´s blog platform)AnttiAP: translation into EN and to the web page?
January 25Flyers and bannersInformation for interested parties, project´s image at eventsJanniina, Tarja, Monique, VeraDelivered
January 25Black-and-yellow t-shirts with the logoFor project team to wear them at dissemination eventsJanniina, TarjaDelivered
January 22business cardsTo inform and promote interested partiesAnu, Kiira, Monique, Janniina1000 pieces ordered and delivered
January 21Visual guidelines were updated.for streamlining the lookDUOSee WP 5 > d. visual guidelines
January 16Blog text"Ethical guidelines for data handling and learning analytics in Compleap project"Egleweb page (articles) + tweet
January 16 (2019)Reminder tweet about the webinarsto remind people about the regular webinarsAnu
December 10-12 (2018)Tweets from the dissemination eventsto spread the word on our participation in themAntti, Annica, Kiira
December 11Blog text"Learning analytics-using data for student succes"Egle, Anuweb page (articles) + tweet
December 4Mid-term seminar: tweetingTo share what´s happening at the seminarCSC, Edufi15 new followers after this event
November 20Reminder tweet about registration for the mid-term seminar
CSC (Anu & Pinja)Picture is from Pexels (copy free images)
November 19Article in SeOppi magazine Vol. 2/2018

"Encouraging Competence Leaps, Compleap- designing user-centered digital services for life-long learners"

Edufi, CSC


AP: to Compleap´s web page?

November 15Section called "Articles" was added on the website.To gather all Compleap-related texts into one placeDUO (Monique)
November 15Blog text about open badgesTo introduce the concept of open badgesErikweb page + tweet


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