This page compiles instructions on the Academy of Finland's calls for applications and project reporting. 

The guidance is primarily aimed at researchers to help understand the connection between the Academy of Finland's and the VIRTA publication information service. This instructions page aims to reduce the need for higher education institutions to maintain their own instructions. Higher education institutions may, however, have their own supplementary guidelines.

VIRTA publication information service

  • VIRTA publication information service, launched in 2016, complies publication information from all Finnish universities, universities of applied sciences, and university hospitals. In addition, the majority of research institutes provide publication information to the service.
  • The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture has collected publication information from higher education institutions and university hospitals since 2011 and from research institutes gradually since 2014.
  • VIRTA publications can be browsed in the service.
  • VIRTA publication information is used e.g. in calculating universities' and universities of applied sciences' financing models. The publication information collected in the service can also be utilized in various systems and services.
  • The Ministry of Education and Culture is responsible for VIRTA service's costs and lifecycle management. CSC – IT Center for Science implements and maintains the service.

Use of VIRTA publication information in the Academy of Finland

Retrieving publication information from VIRTA publication information service significantly reduces the researcher's workload on reporting when data does not have to be entered manually. In addition, in VIRTA the information is in a commensurate form and checked by research organizations which makes it easier for the Academy to utilize than manually entered information.

Retrieving publication details from VIRTA publication information service has been introduced in the Academy of Finland's project reporting in April 2017 and in the calls for applications in September 2018.

Utilizing VIRTA publication information in project reporting

The revised project reporting utilizes VIRTA publication information service's publication data so that the researcher can retrieve publication information automatically into their project's scientific report. Before, the researcher entered their research project's publication information into the scientific report one publication at a time. 

Searching publications from VIRTA to the Academy of Finland's project report is done similarly to searching publications to the application, with the exception that only publications with a publication year included in the funding period or the following year can be saved to the report.

Utilizing VIRTA publication information in applications for funding

When applying for funding, the researcher's previous scientific production is part of the project's scientific evaluation material. The researcher or the person entering the information searches the Academy's online services for publications using search criteria of their choice. The Academy's system retrieves publications corresponding to the search from VIRTA and returns publications corresponding to the search, from which the researcher can select publications related to their project to be saved for the application or report. Only publications selected by the researcher are imported into the Academy's system from VIRTA service.

See instructions on how to search publications from VIRTA to the Academy of Finland's application.

Why can't I find my publications?

If your publication information cannot be found in the Academy's application's publication search, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. The publication has been made in an organization that does not provide information to VIRTA.
  2. The publication has been published before 2011.
  3. The author information in the publication is incorrect or the author name is missing from the publication.
    1. You can check if the publication can be found in

    2. You can search again for the name of the author appearing in the publication in the Academy's application form.

    3. The organizations providing the information are responsible for its accuracy in the VIRTA service. You can contact the person responsible for publication information collection from the your organization. See the list of organizations' contact persons for the VIRTA service.

  4. Your organization has not yet submitted your publications to VIRTA.

    1. You can check if your information can be found your home organization's site and contact the person responsible for publication information collection from the your organization. See the list of organizations' contact persons for the VIRTA service.

    2. Some organizations update their information to the VIRTA service daily, some less frequently.

  5. Your publication has not been submitted to VIRTA because it does not meet the publication information collection requirements.

    1. For example, The publication channel must have an external editorial board and the publication must be related to research. See publication data collection instructions for researchers.

If the researcher's publication is not yet in the VIRTA publication information service, the researcher can add it to the Academy's project report by entering the information manually. NB. The manually entered publication information does not transfer to the VIRTA service from the Academy's form.

You can contact virta-julkaisutietopalvelu (at) in case you have any questions or want to report problems.

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