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How to register Eduuni-ID account

Eduuni-ID registration process (Suomeksi)

  1. Go to
  2. Choose "Get Eduuni-ID now!"
  3. Start the registration process by choosing "Start sign up"

    Screenshot of Eduuni-ID sign in page from

  4. Choose the preferred method of sign-in from the list

    List of Eduuni-ID sign in methods from

    The list only shows organizations which are members of Haka, Virtu or eduGAIN identity federation network. If you are unable to find your own organization from the list, please choose Office 365, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Microsoft, or Facebook and continue to sign in.

  5. Fill the Eduuni-ID registration form.

    Picture of Eduuni-ID registration form

    Use primarily your official work email address. Don't use gmail, hotmail etc. addresses here.

  6. Confirm the management of your work email address by clicking the link provided to you via email.

    Eduuni-ID confirmation email

  7. Registration of your Eduuni-ID account is now completed and you are ready to sign-in to services using Eduuni-ID.

    Eduuni-ID is created and confirmed