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As a member of the eduGAIN interfederation you have the possibility to request your organisation's identity provider (IdP) as a sign in method for Eduuni-ID. The Identity Provider (IdP) needs to be a member of the national eduGAIN member federation before joining eduGAIN.

(More information about eduGAIN can be found here.)

How do I get my organisation to the list of Eduuni-ID sign in methods (suomeksi)

  1. Contact your organisation's IT-support and tell them about the need to authenticate to Eduuni-ID services with your organisation's IdP.

  2. Organisation IdP needs to be a member of the eduGAIN interfederation. IdP's contact information can be found from eduGAIN's metadata.
  3. Eduuni-ID service provider (SP) needs to be enabled in organisation's IdP. Ask the IdP administrator to enable Eduuni-ID SP in your IdP.
  4. IdP administrator/ organisation's IT-support: After completing part 3, contact to Eduuni Customer Service and request for IdP addition to Eduuni-ID. 
    • The email request should include the name of the organisation and the EntityID of the IdP to be added.

Eduuni administrators may ask for more information regarding e.g. user management. Final evaluation and decision of adding new IdP's for Eduuni-ID is made by Eduuni administrators.