You will see a Notice when it is time to enrol for course implementations

In the Enrolments tab, you see all your enrolments and also those course implementations you can enrol based on your PSP.

There are two groups on the page: Enrolment ongoing and Enrolments (Figure 2)

  • In the group, Enrolments there are also the completed courses. The newest enrolments are at the bottom of the group.
  • When you know the enrolment period is going on and you don’t see the enrolment for a course please
    • check that the course is in your PSP
    • contact the teacher of the course, your tutor teacher or student office of your campus.
  • To enrol click the Enrol () button.
    • If the course is to be divided into smaller student groups, the enrolment to these groups will be show in the enrolment.
    • You can cancel your enrolment unless the teacher has not accepted your enrolment. You cannot unenrol if there is any notes or marks written by a teacher in a course implementation.
  • Search for more courses in which the enrolment period is going on by clicking +Search for courses button.
    • Write the search word(s) on the text field and press Enter key or click Search button. (Figure 4)
    • Enrol to the course by clicking the Enrol button
    • The course will be placed in the External studies module. The tutor teacher can move it, if necessary elsewhere in your PSP.
  • See the status icon of the course to find the status of your enrolment.

Figure 1: Enrolment status

Enrolment ongoing and Enrolments

Figure 2: Enrolment ongoing and Enrolments

Figure 3: Enrolments

Figure 4: Search for courses