In the Scheduling tab, you plan your studies to the time axis. At the same time, you can ensure that during the academic year a required study credits will be achieved.

  • Schedule a study
    • Use the drag button to position the course to the desired semester.
    • Change the scheduling: Position the course in another semester.
    • A completed course will be scheduled automatically to a semester when it was studied and its scheduling cannot be changed.
    • Remove course from the timeline: Drag the course back to the structure.
  • View compulsory courses that haven’t been scheduled
    • Click the clock symbol above the studies structure:
    • Click Show all button to remove the filter.
  • View the schedule on different levels of detail: Select Academic years / Semesters / Periods
  • Include the summer periods in the timeline: Select Show summer periods
  • Moving on the timeline
    • Roll the mouse wheel to the direction you want to go or use the scroll bar.


Picture 1: Scheduling tab