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BusinessChampion is a tool for for identifying business benefits for a product/service.



Busines Champion is based on research projects lasting over 15 years and more than 30 industry cases in the domain of new product development. Many product development projects were executed and new products were developed. However, the impact on financial results was not as substantial as expected in most cases. The research done in Business-Oriented Product Development indicated that there is a big difference between the potential business benefits and the actual, realised benefits.

Why this is the case? Based on our experiences the major elements contributing to realised business benefits are neglected. This is due to the fact that the focus in new product development is on the products and their properties, and not on the everyday issues in manufacturing, assembly, testing or commissioning. Typically the business benefits originate from several phases of the product life cycle when the product information is readily available, valid and consistent.

The BusinessChampion draws attention to identifying the business benefits per life cycle phase. This enables the company and the project to set targets in a more operative manner. This approach is novel in development projects, target setting and requirement management.

More information about the tool can be found in The Facilitator's Handbook.








Excel template for comparing business concepts or options in Finnish (created with Microsoft Excel 2010)


Excel template for comparing business concepts or options in English (created with Microsoft Excel 2010)

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