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GoChampion is a tool for evaluating a project status & probability to succeed



The initial version of the project evaluation criteria was developed for a large multinational industrial corporation. The company needed a tool to analyse the risk level of their projects and to estimate the potential likelihood of their success. The way of working was changing and it was not seen as reasonable to measure certain parameters (e.g. schedule) until the development process was stable again. Additionally, the traditional project management metrics were not applicable to project proposals or early phase projects.

By analysing the lessons learned from the previous projects, it was clear that projects had a wider environment involving external factors that cannot be influenced during the project. Also, projects depended on the organisational environment and they could not be understood without taking the organisation’s history into account.

More information about the tool can be found in The Facilitator's Handbook.




User guide for the template



Excel template for project evaluation (created with Microsoft Excel 2010, contains macros) NEW TEMPLATE



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