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Team Champion is a tool for selecting the best leaders for different team situations



The Finnish version of Team Champion was introduced in November 2014 as part of the results from the Champion research project. The first version included seven different team roles. In this new version, there are eight team roles available.

Team roles are based on the idea of a person’s adaption to the team and his conscious or unconscious behaviour pattern in the particular team. Additionally, each team member has his own work role which is related to his professional competences or job description. Team roles and work roles are not related.

Different types of activities and situations occur during the team activities. It is not necessary for the team to work together all the time. Instead, it is essential to identify the everyday moments when the team objectives or deliverable require co-operative action. Team role assessment helps the team members to acknowledge and visualize which team roles have a strong position in the team and what team roles may even be lacking. Each team role is needed in the team.



Support material for the facilitator

 Team roles descriptions     Team situations        Team roles in team situations     Workshop guide




Material for the workshop

 Team role summary                       Team role characteristics             Team roles' impact on team           Team situation summary & suporting roles    Template for situation spefic role assingment in a team





Team role assessment tool

Link to the tool:

 User guide for the facilitator             User guide for the workshop participants      Background information


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