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The purpose of the TUTCyberLabs research infrastructure is to be a versatile environment, focused on industry automation and electricity distribution platforms, which would facilitate research and education of cyber security. The use cases vary from normal automation education to attack and defense exercises and testing of security features of various devices and software. Particularly, it concentrates on creating an environment, which can be used to tackle the cyber challenges of critical infrastructure now and in the Future.

TUTCyberLabs is joint effort of three laboratories Automation and Hydraulic Engineering (ASE), Electrical Energy Engineering (DEE) and Pervasive Computing (TIE). The laboratories bring their special expertise to create more than sum of separate environments. The expertise areas are

ASECyberLab consists of industrial automation and control systems running the critical infrastructure. It is build keeping in mind the long lifecycle and the challenges it will create.

DEECyberLab consists of electricity production, storage and consumption in the Future Smart Grids.

TIECyberLab consists of telecommunication infrastructure inside companies and the Internet.

Together these form a real life critical infrastructure which consist of energy production, distribution, consumption and related information technology systems in todays information society.

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