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Finn-ARMA Network (Finnish Association of Research Managers and Administrators) brings together research administration and management experts from higher education institutions and research institutes in Finland. Network’s core mission is to promote co-operation, exchange information and enhance the professional development of its members. Currently the network has ca. 500 members working in 17 thematic groups where the most of the actual activities take place.

At the heart of the network's activities is the idea of bottom-up action, which is born from the experts' own need. The activities of the working groups are shaped according to the needs of the group members. The network has a executive committee tasked to enable continuity of activities and take care of the general matters. Finn-ARMA network co-operates with other national parties providing its expertise for joint projects and contributing to the general development of its field.

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  • To promote cooperation, professional development and exchange of information between experts working in research administration, research support and research services in higher education institutions and research institutes.
  • To support and promote training opportunities for network experts
  • To participate in the coordination and implementation of national projects. Propose necessary development projects.
  • To provide opinions and appoint experts.
  • To maintain contacts with key stakeholders nationally and internationally.
  • To promote the development of an overall picture of trends and needs in the area of research management and administration (in particular regarding digitalisation).
  • The network is responsible for the development of reference architecture within it’s field and maintains the national research administration and management vocabulary.


The executive committee of the network is responsible for the ongoing operations and represents the Finn-ARMA network both nationally and internationally.

Members of the executive committee are:

Ella Bingham, Aalto University, chair (20–23)
Tuula Hämäläinen, VTT
Markku Ihonen, Tampere University
Jaana Kokkonen, Hanken School of Economics
Johanna Krappe, Turku University of Applied Sciences
Miki Kallio, University of Oulu (23-24)
Erkki Raulo, University of Helsinki (23-24)

Substitute members:

Mari Riipinen, University of Turku (23-24)
Anu Juslin, Tampere University (23-24)
Sanna Marttinen, Tulanet

Network coordinator: Walter Rydman, CSC - IT Center for Science

Please contact the executive committee through the coordinator (, tel. 050 381 8521).

The executive committee warmly welcomes ideas to be addressed. If the issue concerns a topic for which there is already a working group within the network we also encourage you to contact the group’s chair directly.