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Successful incident handling has its foundations in trust, confidentiality and regular cooperation.

Funet CERT, which was founded in 1995 and is thus the first operational CERT in Finland, emphasizes cooperation in its daily operations.

In Finland Funet CERT is regularly in contact with other local CERT-organizations, such as NCSC-FI and ISPs' as well as other large corporations' abuse and incident response teams.

Funet CERT also works in close cooperation with the National Bureau of Investigation, the Data Protection Ombudsman and the VAHTI-group, which prepares the Ministry of Finance's information security guidelines.

Cooperation in Europe and globally

On the Nordic level Funet CERT cooperates primarily with the national research and education network CERTs by NORDUnet collaboration, as well as with other incident response teams outside the NREN community. Contact information for other Nordic NREN CERTs can be found on NORDUnet CERT website.

Within Europe Funet CERT has been involved in GÉANT's activities for a long time and especially its CSIRT task force (TF-CSIRT).

GÉANT is a European NRENs' cooperation organization and most European CERT organizations are members in GÉANT's TF-CSIRT. TF-CSIRT manages a closed mailing list used for information exchange, organizes conferences and courses, and forms working groups for assesment and development projects.

Funet CERT is certified accredited member of the Trusted Introducer network, a closed network for trusted security teams. TI promotes cooperation between CERT organizations and secure communications.

Funet CERT is also a member of the global FIRST organization. Through the involvement in FIRST, Funet CERT receives confidential information related to serious incidents and vulnerabilities and its members are entitled to participate in top-level training and technical colloquia.

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