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Table of Contents
Statuses of the applications

You can follow the state of your applications on the Applications -tab.

The statuses of the applications are (picture 1):

  • Draft = the state of the application before you send it to the handler. You can still edit or cancel the application.
  • Sent = you have sent the application to the handler. You can cancel the application but you can not edit it.
  • In process = the handler is processing your application. You can cancel the application but you can not edit it.
  • Processed = the handler has processed your application.
  • Returned = the handler has sent the application back to you for completing the application. You can edit the application and send it again to the handler for processing.
  • Cancelled = you can cancel a sent application to edit it as a draft.
  • Tentatively approved = pre-application has been accepted tentatively.
  • Approved = your application has been approved partly or completely.
  • Declined = your application has been declined partly or completely.

Icons in PSP

The status of the application and registered credit transfer are shown as icons in you PSP (picture 2)

The description of the icon opens by moving the pointer over the icon.

Note! Icons which show the status of the application are used only with replacement application. 

titlePicture 1: Statuses

titlePicture 2: Icons