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Time-lineActionPurpose/ContentActorStatus and remarks
During the projectSocial media: Twitter and LinkedIn
All partnersOnly in English #Compleap, #skills #competences #lifelonglearning
DecemberBlog Learning AnalyticsPost on website, distribute via channels (Twitter etc)Oulu (Egle) Remind Egle about this before Christmas holidays
DecemberContent for policy flyer (Flyer for end-user in April)  What is the core message of this flyer?CSCThe initial draft is saved in Workspace in WP 5 folder. Please, feel free to edit it. Very much in progress. What is the core message of this flyer?
December 10-11*) Digital Education, Luxembourg
Antti, Annica
December 11-12*) SkillsMatch Co-creation workshop, Sweden
December 19Regular webinar 9:30-10:30 (Theme is not yet known)Tweet about this a day before! Add link:
December 13- February 13Pedaforum Call for Papers!

...Blog  FrameworkPost on website, distribute via channels (Twitter etc)Edufi or CSCto be agreed upon
...Blog PrototypesPost on website, distribute via channels (Twitter etc)Edufito be agreed upon
January 2019Blog piloting
Riku & TarjaIntroduce the associated partners!
January 2019

Create promotional video

2019Create instruction video
2019Create standard presentation for end-users, policy-makers and associate partners 
2019 Create proposal for congress presentation  To apply to be a presenter on a congress (introduction of Compleap) 
January 2019

Compose and send newsletter

DUOEvery three months
January 16Regular webinar 9:30-10:30 (Theme is not yet known)Tweet about this a day before! Add link:
January 25*) Educa fair, Helsinki FI

Is somebody going?
February 7-9*) Opopäivät, Turku FI
March 20-22*) ITK-näyttely, Hämeenlinna FI

Varataanko näyttelypaikkaa?
April 2019Content for end-user flyer More on prototypes?Edufi 
April 15-17*) NICEK Conference, UK

May 1-5*) CAREER-EU by The European Association of Career Guidance (EACG) Call for abstracts is open!
May 8-9*) Ohjauksen päivät-kurssi, OPH/ Kysy koulutuksen sisällöstä koulutussuunnittelija Sari Stalder,, puh. 029 533 1295
June 5-6*) Pedaforum, University of Helsinki, Kumpula campus
September 19-20*) Dare to learn
September 25-27*) MyData
October*) Skills Week in Helsinki

October 31 - November 1*) IT-päivät, Otaniemi, Espoo FI

??? Some time in autumn*) IAEVG Conference: see this link

November 13-14*) Tulevaisuuden koulu, Clarion Hotel Helsinki  Ilmoittautuminen auki