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Mid-term reporting includes two kinds of reports:

  • financial report, which is a summary of financial side of the project during the first year
  • technical report,  which is a summary of progress made during the first project year

Both of these documents should be delivered to project officer 60 days after the end of Month 12 (November 2018) - please see further instructions and timetable

Project coordinator will inform the Consortium of this reporting and gather all the information

  • each partner must deliver updated financial report template as instructed
  • The coordinator will sum up the technical report after getting needed information from the wp leaders

TIMETABLE for financial and technical report

Financial + technical template updated and sent to coordinatorby 20th of December 
Coordinator makes summary1st week of January 
To be sent to steering committe committee to be approved7th of January 
 Approval (by e-mail) and updates by 17th January 
 To be sent to project officer and reviewers - material to be used in the review January 30th-31st January 17th 

INSTRUCTIONS FOR FINANCIAL REPORT (instruction document + appendix)

COMPLEAP’s first reporting period is ending at the end of November 2018. We have to report our costs and PM’s for the period 1st December 2017 – 30th November, 2018.


At this stage we need two kind of reports:


  1. 1.      Financial Statement


Please fill the attached Financial Statement (first page, we will fill the summary). Following cells should be filled:

  • Beneficiary Legal Name
  • Beneficiary Short Name
  • Beneficiary Nb (1.CSC, 2.OPH, 3.UOulu, 4. GRADIA, 5.DUO)

  1. 1.      Declaration of eligible costs (in €)                                                     
  • Personnel costs (no need to detail per WPs) Please see the attachment “Appendix specific conditions for direct personnel cost.”
  • Other specific direct costs (travel costs and other costs)


  1. 2.      Declaration of receipts
  • Choose Yes or No


  1. 3.      Certificate on the financial statements
  • Choose Yes or No (for this period everyone can choose No)

Remember to date and sign the form. This form should be signed by the person authorized to sign this kind of documents according to your organization (e.g. Financial Director).

Please send the Financial Statement in PDF-format to and and send also the original document with a signature to


CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd.

Minna Hahl

P.O. Box 405

FI-02101 Espoo





CSC – Tieteen tietotekniikan keskus Oy

Minna Hahl

PL 405

02101 Espoo


Financial reporting schedule

-        Financial Statement in PDF-format no later than 20th December, 2018

-        Original Financial Statement by mail or by courier no later than 8th January, 2019


  1. 2.      COMPLEAP reporting summary PMs and costs


Please fill also excel sheet COMPLEAP reporting summary PMs for the last quarter (QR4) and costs for the quarters (QR3-QR4)


  • Fill the PMs QR4 (1.9.-30.11.2018)
  • Fill the costs QR3-QR4 (1.6.-30.11.2018)


PMs will be needed for the Project Periodic Report which we have to also draw up for the period reporting. Please send this excel sheet no later than 20th December, 2018 to and


MID-TERM REVIEW IN LUXEMBOURG January 30th-31st 2019

Mid-term review is organized in European Comission in Luxembourg.

Each wp leader should take part this meeting and prepare to present what has been done in the project so far.

Review is based on the periodic mid-term reports + deliverable reports that have been sent to the project officer by the time.

Wednesday January 30thThursday January 31st
Rehearsal day9-17 Mid-term review