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  • Antti has sent the project officer´s comments and information on the action points to the project team.
  • Antti showed the steering committee decision log to others.
    • e.g. Measurable feedback from stakeholders should be collected in the next webinar on February 26th.
  • Project road map:
    • Antti presented the road map draft which was prepared by the steering committee. He noted that this template is not bound to individual WPs as is the previous, deliverable-based draft that he had made earlier. Therefore, steering committee´s suggestion would suit the holistic plan very well.
    • Discussion followed on the two options on the table for the road map.
      • Not all were fond of the steering committee´s template. It was also suggested to put the "all deliverables" list into a chronological order and add plans for the future to it through links.
      • Antti highlighted that the decision should be based on our own judgement - we should select the format that helps us most.
      • In the end, it was agreed that we use the steering committee´s template and each WP leader fills in their part this week.
        • Internal WP leaders meeting on Friday 15.2. at 12-13 at Edufi offices to support the preparation of the road map.
        • Antti highlighted that WP leaders should mark in the road map where the biggest needs are so that the steering committee can see them.
        • The holistic plan is a separate document. It should address the budgetary issues especially.
      • Joint meeting Edufi-Oulu-CSC on Monday 18th of February at 9am (PLACE?)
        • Pekka from Edufi and Stina from CSC will participate in the meeting as well. 
  • Definitions of the goals of the project:
    • There have been two different ways of looking at the objectives which has caused confusion. The option B is the correct one.
    • A) three prototypes:
      • i) framework
      • ii) learning analytics
      • iii) learner plan which includes modules
    • B) three prototypes in the learner plan (OBS! Learning analytics is a functionality within the learner plan.):
      •  i) competence profile
      • ii) diploma data coming into the profile
      • iii) suggestions for education opportunities
      • (OBS! Learning analytics is a functionality within the learner plan.)

  • Other issues:
    • Tarja informed the group that Salpaus will have a new student management system soon which is why they are very busy at the moment. Tarja suggested that we could replace Salpaus with Specia (students with special needs).   Interested To be discussed.
    •  Interested becoming associated partners- Antti to deliver the contacts to Tarja.