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As a member of the eduGAIN interfederation you have the possibility to request your organisation's identity provider (IdP) as a sign in method for Eduuni-ID.
 The Identity Provider (IdP) needs to be a member of the national eduGAIN member federation before joining eduGAIN.

(More information about eduGAIN can be found here.)

How do I get my organisation to the list of Eduuni-ID sign in methods (suomeksi)


  1. Contact your organisation's IT-support and tell them about the will need to authenticate by to Eduuni-ID with the  services with your organisation's IdP.

  2. Organisation IdP needs to be a member of the eduGAIN interfederation. IdP's contact information can be found from eduGAIN's metadata.
  3. Eduuni-ID service provider (SP) needs to be enabled in organisation's IdP. Ask the IdP administrator to enable Eduuni-ID SP in your IdP.
  4. IdP administrator/ organisation's IT-support: After completing part 3, contact to Eduuni customerservice Customer Service and request for IdP addition to Eduuni-ID. 
    • The email request should include the name of the organisation and the EntityID of the IdP to be added.