Progress status for fall 2017

FinishedDenmark's NCP in production1.10.2016In production 28.5.2017
FinishedItaly's NCP/SMP in production1.10.2016NCP in production. SMP in production in April 2017
FinishedIntroduction for new parties: EMREX for dummies15.2.2017Final version for publishing on ready in April 2017
 Quality assurance of open source code1.9.2017 
 Define Code maintenance process (common code)1.11.2017 
 Agree on license model for common code1.11.2017 
 Risk analysis for the EMREX network1.10.2017See Risk analysis for EMREX (mostly technical issues). Need a couple of meetings for this (use a couple of hours of PG meetings?)
 Standard architecture drawing for EMREX15.9.2017Togaf-based - for the standardisation document
 Implementation of ELMO 2.0/ELMO 1.2 in all NCPs1.11.2017Dependent on WP6 - updated schema

Activities in 2017

The project deliverables for WP3 was mainly completed in 2015 and 2016. A few smaller activities has been identified for 2017, defined in the mini milestone list above. In addition, WP3 will provide help for new EMREX parties during 2017 (DUO, Sigma, others?)



  • EMREX for dummies first version
  • Workshop with Sigma



  • Italian SMP in production
  • EMREX for dummies published


  • Danish NCP in production


  • Dutch NCP in test


  • Vacation
  • Dutch NCP in production
  • QA of SMP open source code (Warsaw)


  • Implementation of new ELMO version
  • Standard architecture drawing of EMREX network
  • Risk analysis of EMREX network


  • Implementation of new ELMO version
  • Agree on license model for common code
  • Define Code maintenance process (common code)



  • Wrapping up...


Development Milestones

Progress reporting should be as soon as milestones ar updated or met.

Progress status marking

N/ADoneIn progressNot startedUnspecified 

Status dates 

  • When the status is "Done" the date indicates the done date.
  • When the status is "In progress" the date indicates the planned done date.
  • When the status is "Not started! the date indicates planned start date
  • When the status is "Unspecified" the date indicates the date when there is a plan


Comments can be added in each field.


NCP Development MilestonesNOSEDKFI ITPL
Retrieving of results from data source01.09.20151.9.201515.08.201620.11.201507/01/201612.10.2015
User interface (course selection)15.09.201515.9.2015 01.12.201620.11.201507/01/201612.10.2015
Generate PDF to enclose in the ELMO document02.11.201530.11.2015 01.12.201620.11.201507/01/20161.09.2016
Generate and sign the ELMO document25.09.201513.11.2015 01.12.20163.11.201508/01/201612.10.2015
Make the ELMO document compatible with the EMREX 1.0.0 Schema07.12.2015  01.05.2017 08/01/20167.12.2015
Return data to SMP-client25.09.201525.9.2015 01.12.20163.11.201508/01/201612.10.2015


Infrastructure for test environment (database, servers, certificates)25.09.201513.11.2015 01.05.20171.9.201508/02/201615.12.2015
Get certificate for test NCP, populate EMREG-test with address and certificate for NCP09.10.201513.11.2015 01.01.2017??08/02/20161.09.2016
Get certificate for production NCP, populate EMREG-prod with address and certificate for NCP16.10.201513.11.2015 01.04.201715.5.201608/02/20161.09.2016
 NCP ready for user test15.12.201530.11.2015  01.05.201717.11.201522/02/201615.12.2015
 NCP ready for field trial (latest)15.01.201601.03.2016 16.05.2017 24.8.2016 June 20161.09.2016


EMREX Client Development MilestonesNOSEDKFI ITPL


SMP set up 09.10.201526.2.2016N/AN/A


User interface02.10.201526.2.2016N/A3.11.2015


Verify data from NCP16.10.201526.2.2016N/A3.11.2015end of february 201615.10.2016
Store collected data16.10.201511.3.2016N/A3.11.2015July/August 201630.10.2016
Redirect customer for field  trial questionaire02.11.201526.2.2016N/A17.11.2015July/August 20164.11.2016
Log entries15.01.2016 N/A17.11.2015July/August 20164.11.2016
SMP-client implemented in  test environment20.10.20151.2.2016N/A17.11.2015January 201730.10.2016
SMP-client ready for user  test15.12.20151.2.2016N/A17.11.2015January 201730.10.2016
SMP-client ready for field trial (in production environment)15.01.201626.2.2016N/A15.4.2016April 2017January 2017


SMP Common code 


SMP Common Code milestonesCommon development
SMP development30.6.2015 
SMP with link to questionnaire2.11.2015
Will use common SMP in clientNOSEDKFI ITPL



EMREG Common Code milestonesCommon development
EMREG development30.6.2015 
Test and development environment for EMREG9.10.2015

JIRA Backlog and Epics

Possible way to use jira-epics/issues to commonly follow progress:

Based on the system architecture (see System Architecture). Each country can of course have other epics/issues as well and are free to drill into these in their own way. But a common high level epic-structure allows for common reporting. This structure is also focused on achieving the end goal of being ready for the field trial.

Suggested EPICS:

  • Study course search and selection
  • Authentication
  • Communication between nodes (NCP/SMP/EMREG/SIS)
  • Logging
  • UAT
  • Ready for field trial

First draft for a JIRA backlog in Finland

EMREX-17 Make selection from Study records (Virta data) (Study Course Search and Selection)

EMREX-19 PDF generation and signing (Study Course Search and Selection)

EMREX-20 XML generation and signing (Study Course Search and Selection)

EMREX-18 Send selected courses to SMP (Study Course Search and Selection)

EMREX-14 HAKA authentication for NCP (Authentication)

EMREX-16 Get all data from Virta (Study Course Search and Selection)

EMREX-15 Accept SMP POST-request (Authentication)

EMREX-28 ELMO-data callback to SMP (Communication between nodes)

EMREX-33 PDF-donwload (Study Course Search and Selection)

EMREX-12 NCP Selection (Communication between nodes)

EMREX-10 SMP Login (Authentication)

EMREX-13 University selection (Study Course Search and Selection)

EMREX-29 Match session and store callback data on SMP (Communication between nodes)

EMREX-30 Verification of student match on SMP (Authentication)

EMREX-31User accepts data and verification result (Study Course Search and Selection)

EMREX-32 SMP sends data to University (Communication between nodes)

EMREX-34 SMP sends copy of data to users email if requested (Study Course Search and Selection)

EMREX-35 Specify Logging Data (Logging)

EMREX-27 Retrieve course description from university (Study Course Search and Selection)

EMREX-36 Administrator access to logs (Logging)


It is possible, at least in Finland, to link from the jira-epics/issues to wiki. Thus there is no need to update wiki, it will automatically be updated with the latest jira-status of the tickets shown. As an example (you might have to be logged in to see the actual description and status?):

Finland- NCP develoment:

Unable to locate Jira server for this macro. It may be due to Application Link configuration.

Collaboration tools for developers

The project uses flowdock as a chat-tool. Please keep it open and check if there are any quick questions that you can answer.

Anybody can invite others, so you can invite your colleagues. Or send an email to Mats and he'll add you


Other stuff

WP3 tasks are mainly technical ones. Based on the requirements from work package 2, implement technical solution for National Contact Points and the Student Mobility Plug-in. The work package will be executed through regular project meeting and workshops, both face to face and remote meetings. There will be organized workshops for development and deployment for these solutions.

Activity: Open Source mechanisms

The code developed in the project will be open source. The mechanisms to share this code will be clarified in this WP

Activity: Development of National Contact Points

A National Contact Point has to be developed for each country. In this work package, a foundation for such a contact point will be developed. Based on this foundation each partner in the project signed up for implementing the solution will develop their own.

Activity: Development of Student Mobility Plug-ins

The Student Mobility Plug-in is a common service for collecting data from other higher institutions, via a National Contact Point. The student will be in control of the data exchange.

Activity: Deployment of the National Contact Point and the Student Mobility Plug-in

Each partner signed up for implementing the solution must deploy the National Contact Point and the Student Mobility Plug-in in one or more web applications for applicants and/or students.

Activity: Security

The information exchanged in this solution is personal. It is necessary to implement solutions to secure the integrity and confidentiality in the data exchange.

Activity: Technical documentation

Make technical documentation for the National Contact Point and the Student Mobility Plug-in, including examples of use.


Aprox 1. May 2015: Open Source Platform, Detail planning for development and deployment

How often do we need telcom status meetings?

November 2015: Meeting/workshop: Test of NCP

Overall plan

May 2015: Start up meeting

August 2015: First version of SMP

October 2015: Pilot version of SMP, incl technical doc

November 2015: Two NCP ready for testing, incl technical doc

December 2015: Two NCP ready for pilot

December 2015: Five deployments of SMP ready for pilot

April 2016: All five NCP ready for pilot

Rest of 2016: Support, bugfixing, improvements

December 2016: Final report


ELMO is uses as exchange format in EMREX. More information at the pages for WP6 Standardisation

A viewer has been developed to show the contenct of an ELMO document in a more human way. This code can as well be used as a starting point for the ELMO viewer in NCP's and Emrex-clients.

The viewer can at the moment be testes at this site:


A suggestion for pen-testing can be found here

Nordic glossary (link to Google docs)


Wireframes, including a flow diagram for Emrex can be found here:

Plans for each participating country


Contact person: Anders Bøgebjerg Hansen


Development of National Contact Point: xxxxxx
Deployment of Student Mobility Plug-in: xxxxxxx


Contact person: Mats Lindstedt

Participants: Kati Lehtosaari + developers from vendor (Gofore)

Development of National Contact Point: November 2015 (not confirmed)
Deployment of Student Mobility Plug-in: November 2015 (stand-alone solution, not confirmed)


Contact person: Stefano Russo <>

Participants: Stefano Russo <>, Claudio Caso <>

Development of National Contact Point: January/March 2016 NCP - July/August 2016 SMP
Deployment of Student Mobility Plug-in: June 2016 (Kion Esse3 SIS Plug-in)


Contact person: Geir Vangen <>

Participants: Richard Edvin Borge <>, Matija Puzar (, Alen Milkovic <>

Development of National Contact Point: November 2015
Deployment of Student Mobility Plug-in: November 2015


Contact person: Mattias Holmlund <

Participants: Mikael Berglund <>, Håkan Lindgren <>; Thom Jönsson <

Development of National Contact Point: xxxxxx
Deployment of Student Mobility Plug-in: xxxxxxx


Contact person: Janina Mincer-Daszkiewicz <

Participants: Wojciech Rygielski <>, Łukasz Karniewski <>, Michał Żak <>

Development of National Contact Point: September 2016
Deployment of Student Mobility Plug-in: December 2016
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