PSP in Peppi

Go to PSP on the navigation menu next to the student's desktop icon. (Picture 1)

Under the page headline there is the study right number of the study right which your PSP view is related to. (Picture 2)

HOPS-version indicates if you have sent this PSP for acceptance to your teacher or is it a draft. (Picture 2)

Beneath the headline there are nine tabs:

  • Inspection
  • Selecting studies
  • Scheduling
  • Classifications
  • Messages
  • Enrollments
  • Group description
  • Exams
  • RPL

Editing PSP

You will find your PSP from Peppi. The Academic Affairs Service Team has created your PSP for you. Keeping your PSP on date is your responsibility.

PSP is the base for the transcript of your study records and certificates. The PSP is ready for you and your tutor teacher in Peppi for viewing and editing. The PSP must be on date before graduation. Keep you PSP on date on all times. You can edit your PSP in Peppi.

Send PSP to your teacher for comments after you have edited it yourself. The teacher can accept the PSP, but it is not necessary. You can study even if the PSP is saved as a DRAFT. 

  1. You can add or remove alternative and optional courses from the PSP, such as individual courses, entire minor subjects or other study modules.
  2. You cannot transfer studies from one right to another. If you need to transfer studies from one right to another, please contact the Academic Affairs Service Team. Please note that the studies of the Open University this year must be transferred to degree studies by recognition of learning.

Send PSP to your tutor teacher for comment after you edit it yourself. The approval of PSP is not necessary before the graduation phase. You can study even if PSP are in draft mode.  

Send PSP to your tutor teacher for approval if you have planned to study studies through cross-study, summer university, etc., or for some other reason you need a specifically approved PSP. Also get your PSP approved about half a year before your estimated time of the graduation. NB: after approval, PSP will lock and no further changes can be made to it. The approved PSP will be replaced by a new version (DRAFT), which can be edited.

NOTE: When sending messages on Peppi, write your signature in the message. The message also goes to the recipient's email, and the sender of the message is “Noreply”. If the signature is missing, the tutor teacher does not know whose message it is.

Read more about PSP Guidelines in the UniOulu.

Completing Master's studies

You can study Master's studies even though the Master's degree PSP is not yet visible in Peppi. Read more of selecting studies.

Picture 1: PSP in Peppi

Picture 2: Personal Study Plan

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