Information about recognition and accredidation of learning (HOT) can be found in the study guide


By recognizing, the student parses his/hers acquired skills in relation to the learning objectives so that he can describe and demonstrate his/her skills. The head of the degree program or teacher(s) evaluates the student’s acquired skills in relation to the learning objectives.

 Accreditation means formal approval of the student’s competence.

 In HOT skills may have been acquired through studies completed elsewhere prior to or during current studies, work experience or leisure-related activities (see figure 1.). In HOT, the competence is approved as part of the degree, study module or course as compulsory, optional or fee-choice studies.


Substitution means that the course in a student’s PSP will be replaced by another course, which has been completed elsewhere, or previously in OUAS, or by acquired skills during work or leisure.

You can apply for accreditation of a course, even if the scope of your previously acquired skills does not meet the scope of the entire course to be replaced. In that case, it is a question of partial approval. You will discuss with the course teacher how you will demonstrate your competence for the remaining part of the course. The teacher registers this agreement in the agreement bank.


If there is no corresponding course in the PSP, the course or other acquired skills will be added as such.


  1. Talk to your teacher
    1. Courses to be substituted in your HOPS
    2. Competences to be included in your HOPS
  2. Start your application in Peppi
    1. Enter places of completion and add attachment
    2. Enter your previously completed studies or aquired competences
  3. Send your application
  4. Check the progress of your application
    1. If needed complete your application
    2. If necessary, show competences or add additional accomplishments as agreed

Figure 1: Learning requirements for the degree curriculum