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Registration for electronic exams consists of registration phase and time‐booking‐phase. Both phases are completed in the information system “Exam”. Registration can be done from any computer with internet connection with Firefox as the recommended browser. You can have one registration per exam in force at one time.

Act accordingly:

1. Open a browser

‐ Remember to empty the cache before and after using Exam if you are using a public computer

2. Log in at the university's Exam.

‐ Use your university account username and password

3. Find the exam you want to register for

‐ Copy‐paste the link if you’ve received from the teacher to the address row of the browser.

- Otherwise find exam from Exams-part by find box. You can search exams by course code, exam name or by examiner name.

4. Register for the exam by clicking the “Register for the exam” ‐button

‐ System confirms your registration by announcing ”You have registered to an exam. Remember to book an exam time.”

5. Choose from “Exam room” drop‐down list either Computers or Easy‐access computers, if you need a workstation with an electrically adjustable desk .

6. Book a vacant exam time  

‐ Choose a suitable time from all the available time slots in the booking calender 

‐ A confirmation message is sent to your e‐mail with the information about the exam time and computer reserved for you

7. If you are unable to attend the exam cancel or modify your reservation by choosing either ”Reschedule exam” or “Remove the booking” in the booking calendar of the respective exam    

‐ You can cancel or modify your reservation until the time of your reservation. Please act on time so that the exam slot can be used by others

‐ Note! So far you can only cancel the time reservation. The registration cannot be removed. A registration without booked time does not count as an attempt for examination.