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In Eduuni-workspaces you can create #group, to which you can give access rights in another workspace or service for example Eduuni-Wiki. #group is created by adding #-character in the beginning of the group name.



Create #group (suomeksi)

Create new #group

  1. Go to the site settings
  2. Choose Site permission under the Users and Permissions.
  3. Select Create Group from toolbar.
  4. Give a name to the group. Name has to start with #-character, for example #it department.
  5. Specify Group owner, for example Group Admins.
  6. Change also other settings if needed.
  7. Select Create button to create group.

Change existing group to #group

  1. Go to the group settings

  2. Add #-character to the beginning of the group name. You can also change the group name if needed.


When naming a #group it's good to consider that every user can query #groups from Eduuni-services.

If #group is created in some other site than it needs to have permission to root site of workspace.

If #group name is changed permissions are not updated automatically and they need to be changed manually.

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