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  • Discuss possibilities for utilisingCompLeap purposes, ahott - kurssimuotoinen suoritusten siirtäminen jatkopalveluun

Discussion items

  • what is possible to package for Reaktor to work on? 
  • conseptual work and packaging of what is to be done needs to be done first
  • how can Koski be developed vs CompLeap development -> change in way of thinking in what Koski data is utilised for? 
  • realistic possibilities for success only through developing Koski further 
  • Kysely ja tiedot ulos - toteutus? 
  • Dashboard of Koski content with cloud of competencies 
  • Needs: concept & dev
  • Workshop asap on what can be done early Feb
  • Starting beg Feb, something ready by summer, over by Nov
  • Play data, and play people

Action items