Instructions for the electronic examination called Exam

Read the instructions carefully before signing up for the examinations.


1. Signing up for your EXAM

2. Taking the exam in the Exam room

Remember that it is required to have total silence at the examination room. The rules apply when you step in to the room even if your exam has not yet started. Electronic exam differs from the normal exam because it is supervised by cameras and done on computers. That is why there are more strict rules about how to act during your exam.


Before entering the exam

How the Exam system works

House rules for the exam room 

There is no technical support available during exams. If there is problem with your computer or e.g. fire alarm, leave the room and report the problem. You will be offered a new exam. 


Remember that sanctions will always be imposed against any student who is found in breach of examination regulations.

3. After examination

What to do in problem situations?