In the CompLeap project we are producing testable prototypes, which are linked to the framework architecture developed in WP2.

Four Phases of Development

  1. Mapping architecture – initial mapping of current service framework
  2. Mock up prototype – visual screenshots of the modules for testing a concept 
  3. HTML prototype – more functionalities than a mock-up proto showcasing full framework
  4. Beta prototypes – final prototype proving certain functionalities of the planned framework  

Content of Proof of Concept Prototypes

The proof of concept (PoC) prptptypes include three interlinked modules:

 More information on the design and content of the thee modules can be found here: Content of Prototypes

You can watch a video depicting the core functionalities of the CompLeap prototype here: 

Learner Centered Service Design

The learners needs have been at the center of the service design process. Learners and guidance counselors have been at the center of service planning and needs analysis from the very beginning. Learners are included in the testing and piloting of the prototypes. 

The learner's pathway is main value stream in the CompLeap framework, and defines the steps the learner takes to increment hers or his competence. 

Target Phase Learner Pathway (Main steps).png